The Importance of A Well Designed Logo

May 12th, 2014Posted by admin

Started a new business, Then the most important details designed logo . Owner to postpone designing a professional logo until they are not able to generate (a relationship ) customer and income. Today ‘s market , we see a very fast and CHEAP service for logo development , free on line websites development sites . […]

How Using GZIP Compression Helps Your Site’s SEO

May 10th, 2013Posted by admin

You might have heard some talk about how compressing your web pages helps with your site’s SEO, but how does it help and how can you use it on your site? This article will provide you with some details on what file compression is and why it’s essential to the process of optimizing your site. […]

How to Install Joomla on Shared Hosting

April 6th, 2013Posted by admin

Hosting requirements Installing Joomla! for the first time is very easy. Joomla!’s built-in installer makes setting up your new site a breeze. Before we start installing Joomla!, there are a couple prerequisites that need to be met to install successfully: Hosting – whether you have a dedicated server, or shared hosting plan, you’ll need some […]

How to Install WordPress

April 5th, 2013Posted by admin

The first thing you need to do to install WordPress is to download the latest installation package. Make sure that you download WordPress only from the official download page. Once the download is complete, extract the archive and upload it to your web hosting account. You can do that via FTP using a client application […]

What Is a Blog?

March 25th, 2013Posted by admin

You’ve almost certainly heard the word “blog” before and you might have a rough idea of what a blog is, but as you will see opinions may differ a lot, and some time to better understand and clarify what you are about to embark on, is always a time well spent. The word blog is […]

23 tips for getting more traffic to your site

October 3rd, 2012Posted by admin

At some point, each and every blogger faces the same issue. It’s the bane of our existence and the great quandary causing us to scratch our heads. Here are some ideas for how to get more traffic to your blog. Leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs. Write shorter posts. Blog consistently. Write less. Be a […]

Promoting your web page and blog

August 31st, 2012Posted by admin

Unless your page is among the top of search engine results, no one will know your page exists. The Internet consists of BILLIONS of web pages and millions more appear every day. This page will help improve your search engine rankings and page quality using the secrets and tips we learned over the past twenty-years. […]

Understanding PageRank

May 23rd, 2012Posted by admin

As SEOs, one of the most important ranking factors we focus on is PageRank. There’s no missing it in the SEO realm – PR is a big deal and everyone wants to get their hands on some. However, in our haste to gather our high PR links, many of us completely misunderstand what it is […]

Canonical URL SEO And Duplicate Content Penalty

May 3rd, 2012Posted by admin

Canonical URL’s have been a much neglected aspect of in page SEO for quite some time now, but webmasters are now realizing that this small attribute can actually jeopardize their entire SEO campaign to ashes.Simply put, if you have a canonical URL error issue then your own blog eats up ,well….your own blog! To understand […]

CSS Sprites for Search Engine Optimisation

April 27th, 2012Posted by admin

Page loading times are now a crucial part of website optimisation, they are starting to be taken into consideration more and more by the algorithms of top search engines. For example, an ecommerce site which takes a long time to load will often result in a poor user experience; this in turn may lower the average time spent […]