How to Install Joomla on Shared Hosting

April 6th, 2013Posted by admin

Hosting requirements Installing Joomla! for the first time is very easy. Joomla!’s built-in installer makes setting up your new site a breeze. Before we start installing Joomla!, there are a couple prerequisites that need to be met to install successfully: Hosting – whether you have a dedicated server, or shared hosting plan, you’ll need some […]

How to Install WordPress

April 5th, 2013Posted by admin

The first thing you need to do to install WordPress is to download the latest installation package. Make sure that you download WordPress only from the official download page. Once the download is complete, extract the archive and upload it to your web hosting account. You can do that via FTP using a client application […]

Benefits of Free Web Hosting

March 12th, 2012Posted by admin

World had never run on the idea of side benefit, mutual benefit is achieved one way or another. This concept applies to the first web hosting costs too much. But before we end that hosting is a process of accumulation of files on a Web server to your visitors via a Web browser can appreciate. […]

Web Hosting Tips

March 12th, 2012Posted by admin

After registering a domain name host site selection is another step in rational use must be considered. However, finding the perfect guest is a difficult task. You can find several companies offering web hosting services to customers. While web hosting location keywords into search engines will find over 100 million results! One can not deny […]

Four tips to choose the best web hosting

March 12th, 2012Posted by admin

To select the best reception that the user needs good alternatives in hand user must have a clear mind to define the expectations of the host. Next four instructions that make the road user to select the top web hosting provider much easier. The user must have a budget head or her. Know the actual […]

Free web hosting is not a good idea?

March 12th, 2012Posted by admin

When talking about the average commercial sites, such as online shop e-commerce, reliability and availability required. Like you said, the second of stay, higher income crater. However, there is a free web hosting provider Uptime guarantees, however, may not be their responsibility if they are not user needs. Now, one wonders why? As pointed to […]

Choosing a Good & Cheap Web Host

March 12th, 2012Posted by admin

But we must remember that market value is not everything. Some companies offer very cheap accommodation, but very low bandwidth, web space, etc., or Control Panel User Is’nt very comfortable time, distance, etc… When choosing your website, you must be very careful. The most important thing to do is find out what their needs. Each […]