What You Need To Know About Blog Comment Backlinks

Avoid having your backlinks hidden from the search engines.

The Big Mistake

It may seem that all you have to do is leave some great comments and include your link and presto you have hundreds of backlinks. Not true. The reason is you must be selective on which blogs you leave comments on. Most of the high ranking blogs add a “no follow” tag to your website link. This tag tells the search engine not to count this link which means you do not get credit for the backlink.

The easiest way to tell if a blog adds the “no follow” tag is by using a Firefox Add-On called SearchStatus. This tool allows you to highlight all the links that have a “no-follow” tag so you know what kind of blog you are dealing with.For the sole purpose of just getting some exposure and more traffic it is not a bad idea to leave comments on high ranking top tier blogs. It just won’t help with your page rank.

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  1. Reza Says:

    I will give you step by step instructions1. Find a suaibtle long tail keyword for your site ( use adwords keyword tool)2. Put the keywords on title amd meta tags of the page. If you can do more try to increase the keyword density and format h1 h2 tags with keywords3. If there is any image use alt tag with keywords.4. Start link building : link building includes the following a, Directory submissionsb, article submissionsc, social bookmarkingd, press releasese, blog commentsf, forum posting

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